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Contact Wats On Tap For Mobile Cocktail Bar Hire In Sydney

Thinking about your next major event? Knock it out of the park with premier beverage catering from Wats On Tap. The company is the turnkey solution for mobile cocktail bar hire in Sydney. Since 2009, Wats on Tap has been providing premium beverage catering services for a …read more.

Raise Funds With Wats On Tap Cash Bar Hire In Sydney

Looking to raise money for your cause? Consider an event with a cash bar where proceeds are collected and raised for your fund. The top cash bar hire in Sydney is Wats On Tap, a fully licensed mobile bar hire and beverage catering business. The company has been …read more.

The Leading Source For Festival Bar Hire In Sydney

If you are considering festival bar hire in Sydney, look no further than the area’s premier company, Wats On Tap. Since 2009, the mobile bar and beverage catering company has been providing outstanding service to its area clients. Those clients include Commonwealth Bank and the City of Sydney. No matter what your …read more.

The Best Mobile Bar Hire In Sydney

If you want to make a splash at your next event, consider a mobile bar from Wats On Tap. The company has been providing outstanding mobile bar hire in the Sydney area since 2009. Wats On Tap is fully licensed and offers a turnkey solution for …read more.

The Perfect Pop Up Bar For Hire In Sydney Comes From Wats On Tap

The only company to call for pop up bar hire in Sydney is Wats On Tap. With a wide variety of sleek and stylish bars from which to choose and a friendly and experienced staff, Wats On Tap is New South Wales’ premier beverage catering service. Since 2009, the company has …read more.

Looking For A Portable Bar For Your Next Event? Hire Wats On Tap For Your Sydney Gig

The perfect addition to your next party is a portable bar. Your event will be all the rage amongst your friends and acquaintances. For portable bar hire in Sydney, there is none better than Wats On Tap. The company has been serving the Sydney and Brisbane areas with …read more.

Spice up Your Next Cocktail Party, with a Bar Hire in Sydney

Do you love throwing cocktail parties at your home, but hate the stress of having to play bartender and get every individual guest a drink? Why not just give yourself the night off, with a cocktail party bar hire in Sydney? …read more .

Wats On Tap: Versatile Mobile Bar Hires, from Small Cocktail Parties to Huge Festivals

Mobile bars are hugely popular for cocktail parties, weddings, birthday parties, barbeques, corporate events and other parties ranging in size from 20 guests to 300 guests. At Wats On Tap, these smaller events are just the tip of …read more .

Three Big Advantages of Hiring a Mobile Cocktail Bar for Your Next Party or Event in Sydney

If you are thinking about hiring a cocktail bar for your next Sydney event or party, but aren’t sure if doing so is worth it, read on! We’ve compiled a list of three huge benefits that you will enjoy from choosing to hire a bar instead of …read more .

The Perfect Birthday Party – Add a Mobile Bar by Sydney Area Wats On Tap

Your birthday is a great excuse to celebrate – why not invite your friends and family to celebrate with you? Throw yourself a party at your home or rent out some space for the gathering, but do not forget the perfect addition – a mobile bar …read more .

The Perfect Addition to Your Private Party – Mobile Bars by Sydney Area Wats On Tap

If you like to entertain and do so frequently, your party can only be that much better when you add mobile bars from Sydney area Wats On Tap, the leader in beverage catering in NSW. Since 2009, we have been providing portable pop up bars …read more .

Three Reasons to Book a Music Festival Bar Hire for Your Big Concert Event in Sydney

Are you in the process of organising a music festival? Do you want to make sure your event is a hit that draws attendees and makes them want to come back again next year? If so, then a music festival bar hire in Sydney will make your job much …read more .

A Successful Festival Requires the Leader in Music Festival Bar Hire

There are several music festivals that take place in NSW and the Sydney metropolitan area every year. Those that are the most successful take things seriously and call the leader in music festival bar hire – Wats On Tap. Our …read more .

Multiple Choices When You Choose Wats On Tap, the Leader in Outdoor Bar Hire in Sydney

The great thing about working with Wats On Tap, the leader in outdoor bar hire in Sydney, is the selection of mobile bars. We have been the company to call for premium beverage catering in the Sydney area since 2009. We offer customers …read more .

Take Your Corporate Event to the Next Level, with a Stylish Sydney Cocktail Bar for Hire

Whether you are trying to win over a new set of clients with a corporate party or showing appreciation for your employees with an end of year blowout bash, food and drink are two of the essentials. You probably know of a caterer or a …read more .

Who to Call for Sydney Festival Bar Hire

Have an important event coming up? Let Wats On Tap, the leader in Sydney festival bar hire, make your event a huge success. We help you every step of the way. Don’t know where to start? We can assist you with licensing the event, cash …read more .

Kick Off Your Product Launch Party with a Sydney Mobile Bar

As a business owner, you understand the importance of image. With a new product release coming, you want everyone from employees to potential distributors and customers to know who you are and what you have to offer. A product release party …read more .

Wats On Tap Is the Leader in Sydney Mobile Bars for All of Your Functions

The success of many local events is left to the experienced hands of Wats On Tap, a leader in supplying Sydney mobile bars. Weddings, engagement parties, festivals, and other functions have experienced positive outcomes using our …read more .

Planning an Outdoor Wedding? Call the Premier Sydney Outdoor Bar Hire Company

There is a lot to consider when planning an outdoor wedding and reception. Along with the actual wedding ceremony, the reception that follows takes some careful thought. You can make your planning much easier by calling the turnkey …read more .

What to Do When You Need to Hire a Bartender in Sydney

It’s not something you have to do every day, so the prospect of a bartender hire can seem overwhelming to the uninitiated. Where do you find one? What qualities should you be seeking? How do you know if they will even come to your …read more .

Need a Bartender for A Special Day? Make Your Engagement Bar Hire in Sydney Stress Free

It certainly could be a stressful occasion. Planning an event and trying to find an engagement bar hire. It doesn’t have to be stressful, though. There are ways to make the process much more streamlined and provide yourself with much …read more .

Office Party Bar Hire that adds to Festivities in Sydney

There is a great sense of community working in an office, even if it isn’t the biggest office in the world. You get to work with a wide range of people and make new friends along the way. Occasionally, there will be the odd person who you …read more .

Sydney Bar Hire for your Wedding

Getting married is one of the biggest days of your life, and understandably, you want everything to be perfect. The organisation for your wedding is a long process that you will have put many hours of love and care into to make it so …read more .

Unique Work Party Bar Hire in Sydney

Starting a new job can be an exciting but daunting life experience. Meeting new people and relishing the challenge of a new adventure are some of the best bits of your new job. No doubt you will also be eager to impress and make your mark on …read more .

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