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Office Party Bar Hire that adds to Festivities in Sydney

There is a great sense of community working in an office, even if it isn’t the biggest office in the world. You get to work with a wide range of people and make new friends along the way. Occasionally, there will be the odd person who you aren’t the biggest fan of, but you can’t please everyone!

One of the highlights of this type of working environment is the office party that happens on several occasions throughout the year. These can be for public holidays such as New Year or Christmas, but can also be for company specific reasons like exceeding targets or business expansion.

While the party itself is always the highlight, the planning involved is often a nightmare. Coordinating everything on top of your already busy schedule is the last thing you need, and there are always a handful of people that seem to complain no matter how hard you try!

Fortunately, at Wats On Tap, we provide office party bar hire and organisation to take the stress out of organising your company’s celebrations. We can provide custom parties to suit the needs of any business no matter how unique you want your celebration to be.

Office Party Bar Hire

We provide a bespoke service in Sydney that is specifically tailored to meet your bar hire needs. We pride ourselves on offering an entirely flexible service that can accommodate just what you desire no matter how challenging you think it might be.

We have a range of mobile bars that we can bring to the location of your choice. If you aren’t sure of a suitable location, no worries, we can liaise with our preferred partners in so that you can assess the options and choose the most appropriate for your office party bar hire in Sydney. Our mobile bar hire provides a range of styles and we can accommodate cash bars (customers can pay by cash) but can also set up a tab if your company would like to treat its employees.

Some of our favourite bars include the L.E.D bar which has a sleek and modern look and a pallet bar which has a retro chic feel. We also have a custom designed function bar which has been created to fit into even the most cramped of spaces if you want to host your office party at your company premises.

Let Us Deal with the Stress of Organising your Party!

We have been in operation since 2009, where we started out much smaller than where we are now. We have forged links with the residential and business community within Sydney through dedication to our unique service and have grown to a company that can cater for even the largest of companies today.

Our services offering Sydney office party bar hire can provide you with experienced bartenders. Our bar staff are RSA accredited, and we have all the correct licensing requirements. To give our customers an even better service, we have implemented an online quote system so that you can get a rough estimate of costs within minutes.

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