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What to Do When You Need to Hire a Bartender in Sydney

It’s not something you have to do every day, so the prospect of a bartender hire can seem overwhelming to the uninitiated. Where do you find one? What qualities should you be seeking? How do you know if they will even come to your kind of event? You’ve likely got a tonne of questions. No need to stress, though, because Wats On Taps, one of the best providers of Sydney bartender hire, has a handy guide on what to look for (and what to stay away from) when the time comes for that bartender hire in Sydney.

Bartender Hire Essentials

There are many qualities you’ll have to identify in your potential bartender. The one that stands out above all else is their character. Do you like this bartender? Will they be able to interact with your guests in a friendly and engaging manner? Are they genuinely cool? We hire individuals who know how to handle themselves, who can present a professional image to clients, and can hold a conversation with ease. You needn’t worry about a bartender hire dulling the vibe!

Experience is another quality you’ll want. Anyone can claim to be a bartender, but only those with dedication can raise the craft to the level of an art form. Guess which we keep in our employ? We make sure to provide experienced, accredited bartenders and mixologists for your event. Our bartenders know the ins-and-outs of the profession. They don’t just pour drinks; they create masterpieces by utilising their superior knowledge of the trade.

If you’ve a speciality drink you want, they won’t lose their cool; they’ll prepare your drink just the way you want it. Instead of fear at the prospect of learning something new, they show excitement. Our bartenders love bartending, and it’s evident in every interaction. Experience is the difference between subpar drinks that are made with disdain, and amazing drinks prepared with style and class.

Which Company to Use for A Sydney Bartender Hire

You’d do well to go with Wats On Tap. Our service will provide you with many amazing benefits. We’ve built an incredible business with scores of happy customers in our wake. We have the advantage of being a full-service mobile bar and beverage catering company, meaning we can bring a portable bar to fit the setting of your event. Whether you need something subtle, practical, flashy, or professional, we have you covered. We welcome customisation. If you want to use us as your bartender hire and procure a range of food from a different source. Go for it. No matter the event, we can fit in and provide a fantastic service that will not be forgotten by your guests. Whether you have a wedding, corporate gig, a formal party, or any other kind of even that requires the services of experienced bartenders, you can call upon us to fill the role and do the job right. Give us a call today on 02 8040 9610 to learn more, or email us at info@watsontap.com.au for more details!

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